Desirable and safe operation of rotating machineries requires accurate, rapid, efficient and updated control systems. Aging of control systems, relays and timers decreases the efficiency and reliability and leads to technical problems in machines performance. Due to technological progresses, advanced equipment has higher reliability, accuracy, and easier repair and maintenance; hence, it is possible to replace the old gas turbine control system with advanced, continuous, powerful and reliable systems such as PLC. Many industries use PLC systems due to increasing demand of DCS and SCADA systems and possibility for remote control and monitoring.

In order to meet the above demands, TAC provides the retrofit services for the present control systems by supporting the following services:

  • Gas turbines control system
  • Centrifugal compressors control system
  • Steam turbines control system
  • Supplying the advanced and up to date control equipment and replacing the old control system with new systems
  • Implementing manufacturing information system (MIS)
  • Control information system design
  • Develop and upgrade special electrical instruments such as control units of electrical motors and hydraulic pumps